Bioweapons Division “Area 52”

CO: MSgt. Gareth “Pug50” Ellner

XO: Sgt. Kris “nocternus” Kobus

Area 52 is the UKCM scientific and bioweapons division run by MSgt Gareth Ellner and his half Human XO. Area 52’s reputation for scientific genius is only matched by the unhinged lust to create the ultimate bioweapon . To be quite honest we have no idea what goes on behind the reinforced doors of Area 52, but we also don’t want to know either. The only mostly human members of this regiment are MSgt Ellner, Sgt Kobus and the scientific staff – Dr. Hans Lubricant and Dr. Wolfgang Bigboy.

They tend to the needs of and study all manner of Alien specimens and non-humans that have been created or captured including the now infamous Abe T. Alien who is rumoured to be somehow tele-pathetically connected to and controls MSgt Ellner…but what we do know is this, the basis of this group can be summed up by their motto… “Your pain is our aim”!