About the UKCM

The United Kingdom Colonial Marines, or more commonly UKCM is an organisation which attends events across the UK suited and booted as the “ultimate badasses” of the colonial marines as seen in James’s Cameron’s "Aliens"

The UKCM is a group of disparate individuals from all walks of life. Students, CEOs, parents, engineers or artists, we have one thing in common, we all share a love for the Alien movies.

We get together to portray the Colonial Marines from “Aliens” wearing and carrying replicas of the original costumes and props. Of course we also have a few tame Xenomorphs that often accompany us to events. We’re often asked if their costumes are uncomfortable, which is an odd question since none of us have never seen a xenomorph wear a costume.

Our primary objective at any event is to patrol the area and keep the public safe from any wild Xenos. We do try to keep our tame ones under control, but Bugs will be Bugs and sometimes the can get a bit frisky. Things generally work out in the end, though, it has been three standard cycles since a civilian was attacked by a tame xenomorph. A new corps best!

In all seriousness, we’re simply a group of friends and fans who meet up to dress up. We try to entertain people who see us at events, and on occasion will help promote new films or games in the Alien franchise, as well as doing our best to help raise a few pennies for various charities whenever we can.

Anyone is welcome to join us- You don’t even need a costume. The UKCM isn’t a fan club, it’s a state of mind. If you share that state of mind, you’re in!

How we operate

The UKCM is divided by region into “Ships” each ship is responsible for organising event attendance for their area and helping new recruits build their costumes. Ships are typically named with the prefix HMS (His Majesties Ship) Or USS (United Systems Ship)

Unlike many similar costuming groups the UKCM do not have specific costume requirements, we aim to be friendly and accessible to all levels of skill set. We have reccomended camo patterns for off the shelf purchase and many members are skilled makers who are more than happy to assist new recruits. We do try to strive for a degree of basic uniformity, but as James SA Corey wrote in The Expanse book series “Distance is measured in time” and when you’re on your third week of a bug hunt out on the frontier the top brass arent gonna make the several month trip to the front just to make sure their grunts have polished their boots and are parade ready.



CO: Lt. Simon “Sidewinder” Smith

XO: Sgt. Callum “Vito” Kee-McParlin

Carrier: HMS Valhalla


CO: Msgt Steve “Scapey” Fletcher.

XO: Sgt. Jade “Kit” Holland.

Carrier: USS Hadrian’s Wall


CO: MSgt. Rich “Skapunk” Hyatt-Dowling

XO: Sgt. Andy “Clanger68” Spencer

Carrier: HMS Nimbus