UKCM Rules and Regulations

Because the UKCM conducts activities which involve the general public, all members are asked to comply with the UKCM rules and regulations. Note that UKCM members are responsible for their own actions and conduct while representing the UKCM in public.

Replica Weapons

Because the UKCM is based around (although not exclusively) a fictional military force, replica weapons are part of the costume that members may wear at events. In regards of public safety, members must abide to the following replica weapon rules

  1. No Ammunition – any replica firearm capable of firing any type of projectile (Airsoft or Paintball) must not have any ammunition loaded. Also any batteries that power the firing mechanism must be disconnected and any propellant (such as gas) must be removed.
  2. Metal Bladed Weapons – the UKCM prohibits the carrying of any metal bladed weapon at any event.
  3. Non-Metal Bladed Weapons – any non-metal bladed weapon, such as rubber or resin, must remained bonded in their sheaths at all times (incapable of being removed or unsheathed easily).
  4. Deactivated or Real Firearms – The carrying of any deactivated or real firearm by a UKCM member is prohibited.

UKCM Members under 18 years of age.

The UKCM welcomes members below the age of 18 years old, however we do ask that members under the age of 18 who wish to attend events as part of the UKCM be accompanied by a parent or guardian.