Welcome to the UKCM Aliens costuming group

UKCM – Who are we?

The United Kingdom Colonial Marine Corps is an Aliens costume group made up of disparate individuals from all walks of life, with one common factor. Students, CEOs, parents, engineers or artists we all share a love for the Alien movies – Especially James Cameron’s second instalment, from which we take our name.

We get together whenever we can to portray the Colonial Marines from that film, wearing replicas of the original costumes and carrying replicas of the original props to do so. Of course, Marines need Aliens, and we have a few tame Xenomorphs that often accompany us to conventions and other such events. We’re often asked if their costumes are uncomfortable, which is a odd question since none of us have ever seen an Alien wear a costume!

Our main job at any event we attend is to patrol the area and keep the public safe from any wild Aliens. We do try to keep our tame ones under control, but bugs will be Bugs and sometimes the can get a bit frisky. Things generally work out in the end, though, and we’ve never let a civilian get eaten. Not often, anyway.

In all seriousness, we’re simply a group of friends and fans who meet up to dress up. We try to entertain people who see us at events, and on occasion will help promote new films or games in the Alien franchise, as well as doing our best to help raise a few pennies for various children’s charities whenever we can.

Anyone is welcome to join us – You don’t even need a costume. The UKCM isn’t a fan club, it’s a state of mind. If you share that state of mind… you’re in.